Gunners in a 6-Inch Gun
15-Inch Gun

Top: Labrador Battery

Bottom: 15-Inch Gun

A Gun at Fort Connaught

This page contains a list of all of the Singapore gun batteries that I know of. If you can provide information about any more, I would be grateful. Links are provided to Google Earth or Bing maps showing the location of the various batteries. Each location has been researched to ensure that the location given is accurate.

Pre-World War Two Batteries

Changi Fire Command 1942

Faber Fire Command 1942

AMTB (Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat) Batteries

Twin 6 Pounder with crewRIGHT: Gunners in front of a Twin 6-Pounder, believed to be Berhala Reping post-war.

All Singapore AMTB Batteries were designed to be armed with Twin 6-Pounder QF Guns. These guns fired 6 Pound shells at a rate of 72 rounds per minute. In the event, there were insufficient Twin 6-Pounders to go round and much older 12-Pounder QF and Field Artillery 18-Pounders were pressed into service. Two ancient 6-Pounders were also mounted on a ship hulk to the east of Keppel Harbour and on the Mole to bolster the defences.

AMTB Batteries Changi Fire Command

AMTB Batteries Faber Fire Command

Penang Coast Batteries

Other Batteries
& Defences