Pillbox on East Coast Road
Pillbox falling into the sea

Of the many pillboxes constructed in Singapore, there are very few left. Only a few of the photos that follow show an extant pillbox.


Paisr Panjang Road
Pasir Panjang Road

Probably the best known pillbox in Singapore is the preserved one at the junction of Pasir Panjang Rand Science Park Roads. This pillbox was in the area defended by ‘C’ Company, 1st Battalion the Malay Regiment, when the Japanese swept through on the 13 Feb 42, and despite of lack of evidence on the pillbox, it may have been used to put down fire on the advancing Japanese. The design is similar to many built in Singapore. Pillbox designs were not rigid, modifications could be made to suit local conditions.

Rear view of the Pasir Panjang PillboxInside the Pillbox

LEFT:Rear view of the Pasir Panjang Road pillbox.

ABOVE: The right-hand firing position inside the pillbox.

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Siloso Beach pillbox

LEFT: A machine gun pillbox on Siloso Beach.

RIGHT: Inside the pillbox. Cramped and hot.

Siloso BeachTwo pillboxes on the beach

ABOVE LEFT: A pillbox on Siloso Beach. ABOVE RIGHT: A pair of pillboxes on Siloso Beach.

Inside the pillbox

ABOVE: Two pillboxes. These were probably on the southern side of Blakang Mati.

Pillbox at Tanjong BerlayarInside the pillbox

ABOVE LEFT: The pillbox at Tanjong Berlayar. ABOVE RIGHT: The Commanders post showing a mounting for a range finder.

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Inside the pillboxA pillbox on Labrador Beach

LEFT: Inside the pillbox at Tanjong Berlayar.

RIGHT: A mostly buried pillbox on Labrador Beach, below the gun battery. The design is that of the pillbox at Tanjong Berlayar

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