Photo onf men sitting on a gun barrel
A 9.2-Inch BL Gun

A Mark X 9.2-Inch BL Gun

Plan of the BatteryPlans for the single gun Spur Battery were drawn up in 1908. The Battery was to be independent of the Serapong 9.2-Inch Battery, but was to be armed with the same type of gun, a Mark X 9.2-Inch BL Gun on a Mark V 15° Barbette Mounting.

A Battery Command Post was built some 100 yards further up Mount Serapong. In this was a Mark 1 Depression Range Finder. This Command Post was later modified for use with the Serapong 6-Inch Battery which replaced the Spur. The Spur Battery was to have two PF (Position Finding Cells) to plot an enemy ship’s course. The Battery appears on the Artillery Chain of Command for 1912, so must have been operational by then.

The Spur Battery remained in service until the 1930s when the newly up rated Fort Connaught with its three 9.2-Inch Mark X guns on high-angle mounts came in to service, thus making the Spur Battery Redundant. However, the Battery gained a new lease of life following Major General F.W. Barron’s visit to Singapore to review the defences. A two gun 6-Inch Battery would be built on the Spur.

Much of the underground part of the Battery remains today, but what can be seen on the surface gives a very false impression of the battery as built. The Battery was much altered when it was later modified to accept a Mark VII 6-Inch BL Gun. On the surface, recognisable elements are mainly the side walls, Ammunition recesses and the Ammunition hoist.

A Plan of the underground areaA buiding just outside the entrance
ABOVE LEFT: A plan of the underground areas and of the Magazine.
ABOVE RIGHT: A small building outside the entrance to the Battery. This may have been a plotting room or a store.

The entrance to the BatteryLooking down to the underground areas.
ABOVE LEFT: The entrance to the Emplacement.
ABOVE RIGHT: Looking down into the underground areas. The doorway on the left leads to the drainage passage.

Cartridge storesThe Ammunition Hoist and a cartridge store
ABOVE LEFT: Cartridge recesses. Centre right is part of the splinter cover added circa 1940 for the 6-Inch Gun then here.
ABOVE RIGHT: The Ammunition Hoist and a Cartridge Recess.

Ther drainage passageEntrances to rooms
ABOVE LEFT: Inside the Drainage Passage. Very necessary with the amount of rain Singapore gets.
ABOVE RIGHT: Entrances to the Officer’s Shelter and Artillery Store.

Evidence of Spiking the MagazineThe Ammunition Hoist
ABOVE LEFT: Evidence of the 1942 spiking beside the Artillery Store.    ABOVE RIGHT: The Ammunition Hoist.

The MagazineAmmunition Hatches in the Magazine
ABOVE LEFT: The Magazine (Cartridge Store).    ABOVE RIGHT: Ammunition Hatches in the Magazine.

A map showing the arc of fire for the Battery. LEFT: The Arc of Fire of the Spur Battery. The 5000 yard range is indicated.

Serapong Spur on Google Earth.

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