The entrance to the Magazine

6-Inch BL Cartridge & Shell Stores

Entrance to the cartridge storeA Lantern Recess in the StoreLEFT: The entrance to the Cartridge Store from the ramp leading in to the Magazine.

RIGHT: A Lantern Recess facing in to the Cartridge Store.

The barrier has now been removed from the entrance and there are exhibitions inside the Store. Originally there was a steel door in the entrance. The entrance formed a small lobby, called a ‘Shifting Lobby’ which was where Magazine workers would leave clothing and other items which were not permitted in the Magazine.

There was only one Lantern Recess in the Cartridge Store, near the entrance from the Shifting Lobby. The only other source of light would be through any open Ammunition Hatches from lanterns outside the Store, thus making it very gloomy inside. Electric lighting was available when the magazine was updated during the 1930s.

The Cartridge Store in 1995 before exhibits were put on inside it. At the far side is a figure of
a man passing cased Cartridges out of the of the Store through an Ammunition Hatch at floor
level. Other hatches are in the wall on the right.

The opposite view in 2005. The Lantern Recess can be
seen in the far wall. A figure passing Cartridges out has
been added and posters are on the walls.

The figure in Photograph 1 photographed from the passageway outside the Store. A steel
sliding door would have been inside the Store to cover the Ammunition Hatch. Unfortunately
this Hatch has been destroyed by a doorway being cut in to the wall (insert) to ease entry for
visitors. This doorway gives a false impression of what this area looked like.

The wall of the Store showing where the wall which divided the store in two was when the 9·2-Inch Gun was operational.

Figure of a WWII soldier passing Cartridges out of the Store. The recess where the steel door
for the hatch was is to the left.

Inside the No.1 Gun Shell Store. This is to the left as you enter the Magazine. Stanchions for
shelving still remain. In the far wall can be seen a Lantern Recess.