Figure of the BSM in the Magazine

6-Inch BL Magazine Ammunition Hoists

In the Magazine today can be seen a restored No.1 6-Inch BL Gun Ammunition Hoist and the location of one of the original 9·2-Inch BL Gun Hoists and the shaft of the No.2 6-Inch BL Gun Hoist. It is easy to walk past the No.2 6-Inch BL Hoist and not even know what was there.

The location of the No.2 HoistThe hoist shaft

ABOVE: All that remains of the No.2 Hoist is a light patch on the floor of the Shell Store and the Hoist Shaft, now housing a ventilator fan. These are marked‘X’ in the plan below.

A rather sorry looking No.1 Gun Shell Hoist before restoration. The 9·2-Inch BL Gun Hoist was
in the same general area.

A Gunner loading the electrically operated hoist whilst another is brining shells from the store
nearby. The Sergeant Major is supervising operations.

A trolley loaded with shells is brought out of the store.

The entrance to the Magazine is on the right of this
photograph. Just past it it the Artillery Store

The 9·2-Inch Hoist from the Magazine extension. Two Ammunition Hatches are in the wall.
The newer brickwork of the extension shows up clearly in the photograph.