The entrance to the Magazine
Dorrway ot exit

The steel door leading to the exit from the Magazine to the No.2 Emplacement. This is shown top left in the plan to the left.

Plan of the magazine
The 6-Inch BL Magazine

The entrance to the Magazine. LEFT: The entrance to the Magazine from the path between the Siloso Point underground complex and the Casemates. The stairs seen in the centre of the photograph lead up the the No.1 Gun Emplacement.

The steel door to the Magazine is shown open and the actual entrance is to the left of the door. On entering the magazine there is a twelve metre tunnel which slopes down and to the right.

The Magazine was initially constructed for the Mark IV 9·2-Inch BL Gun once on this location. In the early 20th Century, it was modified to service two 6-Inch QF Guns which were moved down from their emplacement on Mount Siloso. An externsion was created on the left of the magazine to enlarge it for the two 6-Inch QF guns.

Magazine planRIGHT: The 9·2 Inch Magazine with the extension shaded. An August 1908 plan for the Emplacement and Magazine showed the enlarged Magazine as having Band and Ladder Hoists such as at the old 6-Inch QF Gun Emplacement on the top of Mount Siloso which it was replacing. However a Record Plan of the completed Emplacement and Magazine dated 3rd October 1912 does not show these. It does show the exit to the surface from under the No.2 Gun, which is not on the 1908 plan. Neither are the alcoves for the Band Hoists shown in the Record Plan.

It would seem then, that the modified Magazine was much as is seen today with the Ammunition Hoists in the same place. The QF Magazine held 1100 Shells and 1100 Cartridges. The date of commencement of work was given as being 30th November 1908 and completion on 30th September 1912. The cost of the conversion from a 9·2-Inch Battery to a two gun 6-Inch QF Battery was was £6,217.

Each of the Shell Stores in the later BL Gun Magazine held 500 AP and 50 HE Shells. The same amount of Shells adn Cartridges as for the QF Magazine. More ammunition was available at the Reserve Magazine, which may have been on Mount Imbiah. The Cartridge Store held enough Cartridges for both guns. It is not known where the Firing Tubes were kept, but it is likely that they were kept in a Shell Store. The Artillery Store held items such as spare parts for the guns.