BL Gun breech
Replica Gun

A figure representing the Gun Commander at the No.1 Emplacement.

9.2-Inch Gun Barrel
ABOVE: The No. 1 Gun Emplacement in 1993.

A Mark IV 9.2-Inch Gun barrel was mounted in both the No.1 and No.2 Emplacements. These were later moved to their present location.

A Replica 6-Inch BL Gun in the No. 1 Emplacement. This replica represents one of the two
guns which were installed at these emplacements in 1942. The replica does not accurately
depict the Mark VII Guns originally emplaced, but gives an idea of what a 6-Inch coast gun
was like.

No. 1 Gun Emplacement seen from Mount Siloso. The Ammunition Lockers are clearly visible in the face of the gun ring. The stairs to the right lead down to the side of the entrance to the Magazine (arrowed). The replica gun is covered by an attap (Nipa Palm leaf) roof, as many guns in Singapore once were. This would provide the gunners with shade and shelter from rain. The smaller attap roof to the left covers the top end of the Ammunition hoist. The figures are standing on the wooden platform around the gun circle. The No.2 Emplacement is obscured by trees on the left.

The Gun Crew at work. Two men are holding a wooden pole which is inserted into a bucket. Their task was important. After firing, there was a possibility that the bagged propellant charge would leave some smouldering remains in the breech. Their task was to use a wet swab to clean out the chamber, ensuring that there were no such remains.

Remains of the overhead concrete Splinter Cover at No. 1 Emplacement. This was built
sometime after 1939 and was demolished after the war.

Remains of the overhead concrete Splinter Cover at the
No. 1 Emplacement.