No.2 Emplacement
Entrance to the Magazine

The stairs leading down to the 6-Inch Magazine from the No.2 Emplacement.

No.2 gun on firing practice

ABOVE: The No.2 Mark 24 Gun on a practice shoot. It would not have been very nice to have been on the fishing kelong at such a time, although I imagine nobody would have been allowed to be on it during a shoot.

The No.2 Gun on a practice shoot. Shells are arranged behind the gun. The bucket used for
swabbing out the barrel is just to the left of the shells.

A Skidding operation being carried out on the No.2 Gun. At the bottom right of the photo can
be seen an entrance into the gun well where the Centre Pivot was bolted down on to the Holdfast.

The No.2 Gun Barrel being Skidded.

The passageway between the No.2 Gun and the No.1 Gun. Storage lockers are in the front
face of the passage wall.