The surface view
The ramp

The ramp leading in to the underground complex.

Siloso Point Complex Section 1

The area from the surface
The Section from the Surface (Before Restoration)

LEFT: On turning the bend bend in the ramp, there are two short flights of stairs leading down in to a passageway running the length of the complex and on down to the Gun Emplacement at Siloso Point. This is the entrance to the complex with a door to a store room opposite.

RIGHT: Thee view back to the ramp from the passageway.

Oil tanks in the Oil Store. In order to prevent any spillage from the tanks leaking into the Passageway, there are steps down into the store forming a ‘bund’, or barrier, to contain any spillage within the room itself.

LEFT: Opposite the Oil Store is this large store room.

RIGHT: To the right of the Store Room is this small Watch Room.

LEFT: Looking towards Siloso Point from outside the Watch Room.

RIGHT: A similar view from outside the Power Room. As can be seen in both photos, that the passageway is open to the air and sheltered from the elements by a long narrow roof. This means that it is not a tunnel as many people call it.

LEFT: Another view towards Siloso Point from outside the Power Room

RIGHT: An area of the Fort which has been altered by the owners. This gate should lead into part of the Power Room and the steps to the next section of the complex. A false wall has been built and the Power Room partitioned.

LEFT: The view back towards the entrance to the underground complex.

RIGHT: The stairs up to the old Submarine Mining Establishment.

Surface view Reverse surface view

The open sectionThe ladder to the surface

ABOVE LEFT: Looking towards Siloso Point from above the entrance. The tops of ventilation shafts are on each side of the covered passageway.
ABOVE RIGHT: The reverse view from the open section of the passageway. The low section, centre left is the top of the ventilation shafts, No.11 above.

LEFT: The open section looking back towards the Power Room and beyond. The Submarine Mining Station is on the left. The hand-rail of a ladder to the surface is top left.
RIGHT: The ladder from the surface.