a figure in the observation post
A slit window

A small window in the Test Room by the ladder to the surface.

Siloso Point Complex Section 2

The surface before restoration
Looking back from near the Submarine Mining Establishment

LEFT: Looking back at the stairway to the Power Room

RIGHT: The opposite view. The side wall of the Test Room in in the centre, with a ladder to
the surface to its right. A pair of metal rails are in a bay on the left.

The metal Rails. I do not know their purpose, but the bay seems to date back to at least 1885. As they are outside the Test Room of the Submarine mining Establishment, it may be that Mines waiting to be serviced & tested were stood on them. The Mark 1 Submarine Mine would have fitted on them. Before the creation of the underground area for the Power Room etc., it would have been a relatively easy task to move mines in and out.

The ladder to the surface beside the Test Room. Notice the ‘shelf’ above the small window. This was to keep rain from running down into the window which was unglazed. There are more of these above windows on the front of the room.

LEFT: Looking along the Test Room to the stairs down to the Gun Emplacement at Siloso Point. On the left is the entry to a room added in the 1930s.

RIGHT: Looking in to the 1930s room.

Looking out of the 1930s Room. The glass in the window of the Test Room is not original. It was added during one of the restorations of the Fort. There was never glass in any of the operational areas of the Fort.