Drawing of a 12-Ppounder Crew
A warm seat

The stairs leading up to the surface from the roof of the Magazine.

Siloso Point Complex Section 3

Siloso Point from the sea
The Staircase Leading Down From the Observation Post

The Electric Light Emplacement at Siloso Point was replaced during the 1930s, by three Electric Light Emplacements mounted on stilts above the beach. An emplacement for a Twin 6-Pounder, Gun Director Tower and a Magazine for the Gun were also built. Access was by means of two staircases, one from the underground complex and the other from a path on the surface which led back to the entrance to the underground complex.

LEFT: Directly opposite the stairs down to Siloso Point is a steel door in the Blast Wall.

RIGHT: The side of the Blast Wall facing the sea. The wall gave protection to the Magazine building and men working in ther area.

The Magazine entrance with the Director Tower beyond.

The Magazine from the Gun Emplacement. The door to the Watch Shelter is open. Above the Magazine is the staircase to the surface.

Inside the Watch Shelter.

Storage Lockers in the Gun Emplacement.

The Director Tower photographed before and after restoration. The windows have been glazed during restoration, something that would never have happened when the Fort was operational. Glass shattering from an explosion would have caused terrible injuries. Figures representing British gunners have been placed in the windows and a sound system has been installed. This broadcasts the sounds of a gun crew at work.

The Gun Emplacement