No.1 Shell Hoist

Quick Return Hoist

Top: No.1 Shell hoist before restoration.

Bottom: No.1 Quick Return Hoist before restoration.

Inside the Magazine
ABOVE: Inside the magazine.

The entrance from the surface is on the right. Glass fronted Lantern Recesses can be seen on the right-hand wall. In the days before electric lamps, oil lanterns were lit and placed in these recesses, and the glass doors were closed (right). As can be imagined the magazine was somewhat dimly lit in those days. Shells were stored on the floor on the left of the photograph. The walls projecting from the left-hand wall are the entrance to the Cartridge Stores. At the far end of the Magazine is the Shell Hoist for the No.1 Gun.

A Lantern ResessPlan of the MagazineLEFT: One of only a handful of Lantern Recesses in the Magazine.

RIGHT: A plan of the Magazine. At each end of the Magazine are two hand operated hoists, one for shells and one for propellant charges. On the wall on each side of the entrance to the Magazine are two hand operated Quick Return Hoists. These could be used to feed the guns if required.

Each Shell Store held 300 Shells and each Cartridge store held 300 Cartridges.

The Store shown at the bottom of the plan did not appear on the original plans for the Gun Emplacement. It most likely was added during construction.

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