A gun barrel being lifted by a tripod

The No.2 Emplacement before restoration

RIGHT: Seen before restoration is the No.2 Emplacement of the Mount Siloso 6-Inch QF Battery. The metal tabs on the rear of the emplacement would have supported a ladder .A ladder would have been on each side at the rear.

As can be easily imagined, restoration work involves a lot more that some cleaning and painting work.

The No.2 Emplacement before restoration.

The No.2 Emplacement before restoration.

The Hatch covering the Shell Hoist on the no.2 Emplacement. This would appear to be the original hatch. Note the water run-off around the hatch. I wonder how effective that was in a
real monsoon downpour.

The side of the Emplacement showing the hatch for the
Cartridge Hoist on the side wall.

The Gun Well in the centre of the Emplacement. 6-Inch QF Guns were normally mounted on a
flat platform, not in a Well. The 6-Inch QF Emplacement at Pasir Panjang also has a Well.

A replica 6-Inch QF Barrel on a tripod over the emplacement. It reality, the gun
mounting would have been installed first.

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