Drawing of a 12 Pounder QF Gun

The 1896 plan would again improve the armament of Fort Siloso. 6-Inch Quick Firing (QF) Guns would be atop Mount Siloso, and 12-Pounder QF Guns overlooking Keppel Harbour. The 6-Inch Guns were far more powerful than the 7-Inch RML and 64-Pounder RML Guns with which the Fort entered service 18 years previously.

Plan of 6-Inch Emplacement

The layout of Magazine for the 6-Inch QF Gun as seen today differs to that shown on the original plan above. The original plan did not show the inland Cartridge Store. It is likely that this was added during construction, or shortly afterwards. It is very unlikely that it was added after the guns had been moved down the hill. The magazine for the 6-Inch QF Guns would hold 600 shells and 600 propellant cartridges.

Plan of Command postArc of fire of 12 Pounders

ABOVE LEFT: A New Command Post would be built to replace the old Observation Post. This would later be modified and enlarged into the Battery Command Post seen today.

ABOVE RIGHT: Overlooking the Harbour two 12-Pounder QF Guns were to be emplaced. These were far superior to the old muzzle loaders once guarding the harbour.

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