Mark Vi Gun Barrel

The Mark IV 9·2-Inch Gun emplaced at Fort Siloso was one of five Mark IV 9·2-Inch Gun which were deployed in Singapore. Two were emplaced at Fort Pasir Panjang (renamed Labrador during the 1930s) and one at Fort Blakang Mati East (later renamed Connaught).

The Pasir Panjang No.2 Emplacement with its magazine still exist, although there is no access to the magazine. The No.1 Emplacement was destroyed to install two 6-Inch BL Guns in the 1930s. Its Magazine was modified to service the 6-Inch Guns of the Labrador Battery.

Plan view showing magazine below the gun

Plan view of the Emplacement & Magazine

9.2-Ich Emplacement at Fort Siloso

The Emplacement & Magazine

The Magazine was authorised to hold 100 Rounds.

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