64-Pounder Gun

64 Pounder RML Guns

There are six 64-Pounders on display at the fort. Five of these were brought to the Fort from Pearl's Hill Police Headquarters in 1974. On Blakang Mati, 64-Pounders were emplaced at Fort Siloso and at Fort Blakang Mati East (later renamed Fort Connaught) on the eastern side of the island.

Two 64-PoundersLEFT: The two 64 Pounders at the entrance to the Fort.

The 64 Pounder Rifled Muzzle Loading (RML) Guns at the Fort were probably Mark IIIs and, as they were emplaced behind a parapet, were probably mounted on Mark 8 Medium Platforms, not the same type of Platform they are displayed on. The gun weighted 64 Cwt (3,251Kg) and had a range of 5,000 yards (4,572 metres) and fired a 64 pound (29 Kg) common shell of 6.3 Inches (16 Cm) in diameter.

The gun could be manned by a team of four gunners although a typical team consisted of eight men:-
The Gun Commander
No.1 The Gun Layer, controlling aiming and firing.
No.2 Handling swabbing the gun barrel between shots.
No.3 Handspike and hauling down tackle.
No.4 Helping No. 2, operating the truck lever and elevating the gun.
No.5 Truck lever and assisting the No.7.
No.6 Handling cartridge cases.
No.7 Handling fuses, shells and running back the gun.

A gun trunnionThe Queen victoria CypherLEFT: A Trunnion on the 64 Pounder shown above. The Trunnions are spigots protruding from the gun barrel at its point of balance. They fit on to the gun mountings and enable the barrel to be swivelled up or down.

The writing on the Trunnion shows that the gun is a Mark III, was made in 1874 and has a serial number 2767.

RIGHT: Queen Victoria's Cypher on a 64-Pounder at the entrance to the Fort.

Three 64-PoundersA rusty 64-PounderLEFT: Three 64 Pounder Barrels mounted between the Magazine and the Siloso Point underground complex.

RIGHT: A forlorn looking 64 Pounder on Mount Siloso. This gun was found buried in the Fort, so it is very possibly one of the guns emplaced at Fort Siloso when it entered service. Where is the other one?

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