120mm Gun

Japanese Guns

The Seletar Guns

A gun pedestalThe four so-called ‘Seletar Guns’ are Japanese 120mm Dual Purpose Naval Guns which were discovered in the forest reserve to the east of the Pierce Reservoir in 1979.

The breech of one of the gunsThe base of one of the guns

LEFT & ABOVE: The Seletar Guns as found in the jungle.

Two of the Seletar GunsThese guns were manufactured in Japan by the Kure Arsenal in 1944. The guns were electrically operated and when found were complete with their control centre. Remains of cable and wiring were found in the control centre and leading to the guns. It is thought that the guns were an element of the overall Japanese defence plans for the expected invasion of Singapore (Operation Zipper) planned by the British for 1945. The guns were designed for both artillery and anti-aircraft purposes. They were mounted at Fort Siloso in 1981.

The Mandai Guns

Part of a gun in the jungleTwo guns said to have been found in the Mandai jungle in the north of Singapore by officer cadets of the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute in 1966.

However, David Tisdale contacted me and wrote:-

“In 1966 I was a student at Bourne School Singapore and undertook, along with many other pupils, jungle trekking as part of the Outward Bound courses held there. On one such expedition my party lost its way, I believe on what we called Mandai 2. Going off track we found one gun barrel semi-buried which at first we mistook for a fallen tree. Shortly afterwards we discovered a whole gun standing in a small clearing in a dip in the ground. Two Raja Brookes butterflies were circling the raised gun barrel. There did not appear to be a breech block.

We reported the find to our teachers and they in turn informed the British Army, who came to the school to ask us for more details. Unfortunately, being lost at the time, we could be of little help as to their exact location and I have no idea whether those particular guns were ever located.”

Were these the Mandai Guns, or some others? Does any one have any further information?

Men woring to remount the gunsA remounteed gun

A Mandai Gun

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