Shells in a Magazine
6-Incg Gun

Mk VII 6-Inch Gun
Felixstowe 1939

Many different type of coast artillery gun have been emplaced in Singapore. Smooth bore muzzle loading cannon up to the massive 15-Inch BL Guns were put into service in many locations. Information about these guns will be gradually added to the site.


From the Handbook Artillery Matériel 1899

The following marks are painted on projectiles, in order that they may be readily identified, in addition to the markings stamped on their bases:-
Shot, except case shot have white tips.
Common and Palliser shell have black tips.
Segment and ring shell have blue tips.
Shrapnel shell have red tips.
Steel projectiles have one white band.
Armour-piercing projectiles have two white bands.
Practice projectiles have one yellow band.
Filled Shell have one red band.
Lyddite shell are painted yellow.
All other projectiles are painted black.