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Pre-World War Two Batteries

Fort Canning from the river
Fort Canning 1860s

Changi Fire Command 1942

Pengerang Battery Location

AMTB (Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat) Batteries

All Singapore AMTB Batteries were designed to be armed with Twin 6 Pounder QF Guns. These guns fired 6 Pound shells at a rate of in excess of 72 rounds per minute with a well drilled crew. In the event, there were insufficient Twin 6 Pounders to go round and much older 12 Pounder QF and Field Artillery 18-Pounders were pressed into service in some places. Two ancient 6 Pounders were also mounted on a ship hulk to the east of Keppel Harbour and on the Mole to bolster the defences.

Accommodation blocks
War Accommodation at Calder Harbour

AMTB Batteries Changi Fire Command

AMTB Batteries Faber Fire Command

A signal to the G.O.C. Malaya Command dated 31 January 1941 stated, “Agree with you views on defence of Singapore roads and consider that as soon as present 6-pdr scheme has been completed at Changi Outer, Changi Inner and Keppel Harbour, four 12-pdrs. which are being installed as interim measure, should then be emplaced at Tanjong Rhu (2) Fullerton Building (1) Singapore Yacht Club (1)”". As 12-Pounders were still emplaced at Siloso (1), Batu Berlayar (2) and Ladang (1) in December 1941, it would seem that this scheme never came to fruition.

Batteries & Defences