There is a lot to see of the changes which have been made to Fort Siloso and its armament over the years. You will need to look carefully at times though. Some things have vanished altogether such as two of the 7 Inch RML emplacements and the 9·2-Inch Gun emplacement. However, there are remains of the 9.2 Inch Gun’s ammunition hoists to be found in the 6 Inch BL Magazine.

There may be some remains of the 1879 64 Pounder RML Emplacement to the south of the Casemates. Clearance of the bush in the area and excavation work would be required to establish what, if anything of the emplacement remains. Traces of the No.2 7-Inch RML Gun Emplacement can still be found at the west side of the shop and Surrender Chamber.

Unfortunately, the owners of Fort Siloso have made some thoughtless alterations to the Fort. These changes are noted in the relevant sections of the website. These alterations give the visitor a false sense of what should be there. It is a great pity that this has happened.

An aerial view of Fort Siloso circa 1950

Aerial View of Fort Siloso 1950
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