Fort Serapong 1939
A Gun Director Tower

Calder Harbour Two Twin 6-Pounder AMTB Battery.

Calde Harbour AMTB
Calder Harbour AMTB Battery

This page links to information about coast batteries which once defended Singapore and Penang.

All the batteries which I know of in Singapore, mainland Malaya & Penang are listed. Google Earth and/or Bing Aerial View links are provided for all bar two gun batteries. These pinpoint the correct location for the batteries, unlike some Google Earth Community markers which show incorrect locations. Some battery sites are not accessible to the public, but for the adventurous, there is still plenty to explore in those which can be explored. Exploration in some areas can be dangerous. You explore at your own risk.

List of all Batteries

Information About Some Batteries & Defences

AMTB Batteries

Coast Batteries 6-Inch

Coast Battery 8-Inch

Serapong 8-Inch

Coast Batteries 9·2-Inch

Coast Batteries 15-Inch


Penang Coast Artillery

Other Defences

A ring of mounting bolts
ABOVE: The 52 Mounting Bolts for the Mount Imbiah 9·2-Inch BL Gun.