Fort Connaught WWII 9·2 Inch Gun Emplacements

Gun Emplacement
A well overgrown No.3 Gun Emplacement
Despite the looks, it is in a reasonable condition

Nothing remains of the No.1 The No.1 Gun Emplacement and its Magazine. They were were completely destroyed during the creation of the Tanjong Golf Course.

There would seem to be significant underground remains of the No.2 Emplacement. Evidence on the ground would certainly indicate substantial underground remains. However there is no access to prove or disprove this.

The underground Engine Room for the Fort was adjacent to the No.2 Emplacement, and there are still remains of this. It is however inhabited by bats and the floor is thick with bat guano.

The No.3 Gun Emplacement with its Magazine have survived. They are on golf course land and are surrounded by vegetation.

What was probably the No.2 Battery Observation Post, close to the No.3 Emplacement has survived, but is on golf course land. The Battery Observation Post on the top of Mount Serapong has also survived, and is easily accessible.

The photos on this page have been taken during three different occasions over a period of several years. This shows up in the lighting conditions amount levels of vegetation in the photos.

The top of the emplacement
The top of the emplacement

Irregular lumps of concrete are on top of the emplacement. These were used to break up the shape of the emplacement, and to help to camouflage it. This technique was also used at other gun batteries. Traces of paint were found on the concrete lumps at the 6 Inch Emplacement on Mount Serapong. It is likely that the lumps were painted for camouflage purposes.

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