The Orderly Serjeant
Figure of a soldier on Guard duty

On Guard

The Guardroom

The Guardroom The Guardroom, built in the early 20th Century, is located at the Fort gate. Prior to that, there was a Guard Bungalow on Mount Siloso behind the present Guardroom. A figure of a soldier on duty can be seen outside the door of the Guardroom, carrying his rifle at the ‘Port’. In reality, he probably would have been at the gates, and would most likely be standing at ease with his rifle resting butt on floor.

The soldier’s rifle, A Martini Henry Artillery Carbine, would only be raised when being placed in the ‘Challenge’ position to check an unknown person approaching, or in order to salute an officer. A Field Officer would receive a ‘Present Arms’. Other soldiers on Duty would either be resting in the Guardroom, or out on patrol or ‘Stag’ as it is called.

Photo of a Martini Henry Carbine

The photo above shows a Mark II Martini Henry Artillery Carbine. This weapon was found in one of the blocks at the Parade Square on Sentosa during Renovations. Someone must have been Court-Martialled for losing this.

Figures inside the guardroomThe figures on the right show the Orderly Serjeant reporting to the Orderly Officer. Both are wearing white Tropical Dress Uniform. The Serjeant is carrying his Drill Cane tucked under his left arm. A bed with the mattress folded up and the bedding ‘boxed’ squarely on top of the mattress is on the left. A not very comfortable bed by the looks of it.

Note: The spelling of Serjeant is correct for the period illustrated. The more modern spelling, Sergeant, was introduced during the 20th Century.

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