Pulau Ubin Battery
An overgrown Pulau Ubin A.M.T.B. battery POST-WAR

The Pulau Ubin AMTB Battery was completed prior to the war with Japan, but was never armed. It was designed for two Twin 6 Pounder Guns, each with its own Director Tower. Pulau Ubin was one of three AMTB Batteries which were never armed. The other two were Changi Inner and Tanjong Tereh. The guns had been ordered but delivery was not due till mid 1942.

Building at Ubin
British Building. The Gun Emplacement is on the right

The Pulau Ubin A.M.T.B. Battery is on the National Police Cadet Corps campsite. It is not open to the public.

Pulau Ubin was once considered as a possible site for a 6 Inch BL Gun Battery. This would have been constructed at Chek Jawa.

Pulau Ubin A.M.T.B. Battery on Google Earth.

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