This web site is a personal one, and is in no way whatsoever connected with the Sentosa Leisure Group who own Fort Siloso. The web web site is however approved by the Group who have been very helpful to me in my developing the site.

My grateful thanks to the many who have helped, and continue to help me, by correcting errors and by providing material for the site:-

Sentosa Leisure Group Singapore
Alvin Chia, Alvin Lim, Ms Juliana Yeo, Koh Khim Hoe, Regina Chia, Sess, Grace Lee & Daniel Seah.

Joe Cusselle

Ms Tres Prihadi (Former Manager of Attractions, Sentosa), Jimmy Yeo (Former Curator, Fort Siloso), The late Roy Muthiah (1 SRRA), Lim Chen Sian & Aaron Kao ( both National University of Singapore), Reg Low, Gabriel Thomas, Paul Yeun, Chung H.P., Bryan MacKinnon, Aaron Chan, Andrew Him, Chris Lee, Lukas Menkhoff, Leslie Lauw, Jerome Lim, Tan Teng Teng, Harry Carlito Bogard & Dave Choy.

Harold Dursley

The late Joe Cusselle (ex-Royal Artillery), and the late Harold Dursley (REME), Andrew Hintz & The Shoeburyness Military Archive.

Dr. Nelson H. Lawry

Don Howorth.

Fort Lytton Historic Military Precinct & The Australian War Museum.

If I’ve forgotten you, please drop me an e-mail.

BSM Cooper
BSM Cooper oversees operations