This page links to information about all of the gun batteries which I know of in Singapore, mainland Malaya and Penang, and some other defences constructed for the defence of Singapore. Batteries which were active for many years went through rebuilds and rearmament over the years. This is laid out all under the battery name.

Google Earth and/or Bing Aerial View links are provided for all bar two gun batteries. These links pinpoint the correct location for the batteries, unlike some Google Earth Community markers which show incorrect locations. Some battery sites are not accessible to the public, but for the adventurous, there is still plenty to explore in those remains that are accessible. Exploration in some areas can be dangerous. You explore at your own risk.

Note: Some people will have seen ‘Targem Fort 1939 ’ on information boards in Singapore, and on some websites/blogs. There is no evidence that this fort ever existed. I believe that the error came about from a post-war translation of a map in a 1942 Japanese. ‘Tangeh Fort’ is shown on the map to be in Pasir Laba, so it may be a corruption of the Japanese translation of ‘Tanjong’. Targem Fort does not appear on lists of WWII Forts or defences in archives. Nor does it appear in the list of forts and captured weapons in the Japanese document.

Some links are not yet active. These are greyed out. Content will be added as time permits.

Basic Information About These Batteries

Early & Pre-WWII Gun Batteries

Fort gate
Fort Gate at Fort Canning

The Early Gun Batteries

Coast Batteries WWII

6 Inch Batteries

Fort Silingsing dates from 1897. The Serapong Battery includes the earlier Spur 9·2 Inch BL Battery.

9·2 Inch Batteries

Fort Connaught dates from 1878.

15 Inch Batteries

15 inch gun
No.2 Gun, Buona Vista 15 Inch Battery

Penang Coast Artillery

Whilst not being part of Singapore gun defences, Penang was armed with coast artillery as it was an important port, and strategically located.

Penang Coast Artillery

AMTB Batteries

Batu Berlayar dates from 1890, and Berhala Reping from around 1894.

Other Singapore Defences

Guns and pillboxes map
Location of 18 Pounders and Pillboxes, Blakang Mati to Buona Vista