Map of defences
An 1827 Map showing three batteries

Scandal Point

Singapore’s first fixed defences. This was built near the Padang in 1819 and armed with 12 Pounder ML Guns. The Battery was used for Saluting purposes. No remains exist. The Google Earth Marker is believed to be within 20 metres of the Battery.

Scandal Point on Google Earth

Battery No.4

This Battery is scarcely mentioned in historical documents and archives in my possession. It was located approximately at the junction of Beach Road and Middle Road, and that it was contemporary with the Battery at Scandal Point. It is shown on 1843 maps. In 1856, it was stated as being armed armed with six 68 Pounder ML Cannon. Probably behind a simple earthwork. An Infantry Redoubt was opposite the battery on Tanjong Rhu.

Battery No.4: on Google Earth.

Fort Faber

Two small earthworks on Mount Faber, The first constructed at the top of the hill shortly after the Indian Mutiny in 1857, and armed with two 13 Inch Mortars. No doubt with suppression of the local inhabitants in mind. In 1867, two 56 Pounder ML Guns were added to the armament. These were emplaced lower down the hill. They only remained for about two years before being removed, along with the Mortars. The fort was abandoned until the late 1870s, when in 1878, Two(?) 8 Inch 68 Pounder MLs were installed. These had gone by 1995, and the Fort abandoned permanently.

Mr F. Drummond Jervois, Government House, Singapore, 28th July 1876

Mount Faber battery, constructed for two guns, 56Prs, which are not now however, in position, is situated on a hill, 132 feet high, the south easterly spur of a range which runs northwest and southeast along the northern shore of the western division of the New Harbour. This work was designed to sweep the Eastern and Western entrances of the New Harbour, which are distant 2300 yards and 2014 yards respectively.

On the same range and that a distance of about 900 yards from this work, are mounted two 13-Inch Mortars on a position, which is about 300 feet above the level of the sea, commanding the entrance of the New Harbour and overlooking the island of Blakan Mati which stretches on the Southern side of the Harbour.

It will be seen that, of the existing works of defences of Singapore, only this last position, and a hill on the side of which Mount Palmer Battery now stands, have any bearing upon the defence of the New Harbour.

Fort Faber: on Google Earth.

Early gun batteries
An 1843 map showing gun batteries

Fort Fullerton

Fort FullertonRIGHT: Fort Fullerton 1847

Built in 1829 and named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor of the Straits Settlements. It stood close to where the Fullerton Hotel now is. The Fort was seemingly armed with 56 and 64 Pounder ML Guns as the first armament. In later years after several expansions of the fort, the fort was armed with nine 8 Inch 68 Pounder ML Guns (some records vary in the amount of guns at the fort at any particular time).

Fort Fullerton was very poorly placed to defend against an attacking navy. It would draw fire onto the commercial area of the town. The Fort was decommissioned in 1873, demolished, and a Post Office established on the site. A Volunteer Artillery Drill Hall in was built on the location in 1890.

Mr F. Drummond Jervois, Government House, Singapore, 28th July 1876

"Fort Fullerton, a battery constructed for 9 68 Prs, and situated, on the level of the sea, on the shore in front of the Town, at about the centre of the bay, is, owing to its retired position and its want of command, of no value for the defence of the roadstead, which it was designed to protect. It has been partially dismantled to make room for public buildings, but it is still of value as a post for the internal defence of the Town, and brings a flanking fire to bear on the beach."

Fort Fullerton on Google Earth.

Princes Battery

I currently have little information about this battery except for its location and armament which is given as three 68 Pounder ML cannon. It was contemporary with Fort Fullerton, and quite close to it. It may have been a detached battery. Princes Battery is shown on some period maps.

Prince’s Battery on Google Earth.

Mount Palmer

Mount PalmerLEFT: A 64 Pounder RML Gun at Mount Palmer.

Constructed in 1862, Mount Palmer was armed with one of the best smooth bore cannon ever made - the British 56 Pounder ML Gun. Five of these were emplaced in the battery.

Mr F. Drummond Jervois, Government House, Singapore, 28th July 1876

Mount Palmer battery, constructed for 5 guns, 56 Prs, is situated at the height of about 50 feet above the level of the sea, on the slope of a hill, near the Eastern Entrance of the New Harbour. The work is in no way adapted for the requirements of modern warfare, and its situation on the side of a hill is open to objection.  The summit of the hill, about 110 feet high, upon the slope of which entrance stands, offers however, and advantageous and commanding side for a work in aid in the defence of the Eastern Entrance to New Harbour.

Later armament was provided by Mark III 64 Pounder RML Guns of 64 Cwt. These in turn were replaced by two Mark III 10 Inch BL Guns. The Return Of Approved Armaments list these guns as being mounted in 1910. They do not appear in the 1911 Return.

Mount Palmer on Google Earth.

Fort Teregah

Fort TeregahRIGHT: Fort Teregah 1894

Located on what was the south eastern tip of Pulau Brani before land reclamation. The Fort, built in 1861, was armed with two 64-Pounder RML Guns. At a later time, two 6 Pounder QF Guns were added to the armament.

By 1900, only the 6 Pounders were listed as being mounted. These had gone by 1907, and replaced by four machine guns. I don't know when these were removed, but they are listed as being in place in 1914. There are no visible remains of the battery, but some underground areas may remain.

Fort Teregah on Google Earth

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