The remains of a Caponier at Fort Tanjong Katong

Fort Lytton
Fort Lytton is Queensland’s foremost military exhibit, with extensive historic fortifications, Queensland’s largest military museum and regular military re-enactments. Admission, guided tours and parking are all free 10am-4pm on Sundays, most public holidays and special occasions. It’s a great day out for everyone, from families to serious historians.

The History of Military Automotive Vehicles
A nice introduction to the subject.

Jalan Kayu Trail
Loads of interesting stuff about Jalan Kayu and RAF Seletar.

Grey Point Fort
A 6-Inch Coast Defence Battery in Northern Ireland.

The POW Art of Des Bettany
Artwork by Des Bettany of his service life before and after the Capitulation of Singapore. A fascinating range of illustrations, done sometimes with humour.

Singapore Evacuation 1942
A site about research on events and personal stories about the fall of Singapore on 15th February 1942. The main thrust of the website is the evacuations of civilians and military personnel from Keppel Harbour.

The One-North Explorers Facebook
A Singapore Urban Exploration Group which does not remove artefacts. As the saying goes, “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints. Get Your history fix here.

The Australian Artillery Association
Have you been an Australian Gunner? If so, this is the website for you.

Pengerang Coast Battery
The Pengerang 6-Inch Coast Battery in Johor. This battery was part of the defences for the Singapore Naval Base before and during WWII.

Wanstone Farm Battery
The Wanstone Battery, only other British 15-Inch Coast Artillery Battery. This was on the south coast of England near Dover.

The Heugh Battery
The only coast battery in England to open fire in anger during the First World War.

Fort Tanjong Katong
The only true fort built in Singapore. See the work carried out by local archaeologists.

Point Grey Battery
A 6 Inch Coast Artillery Battery in Vancouver, Canada.

The National Army Museum
The British Army’s Museum

Sentosa, Singapore’s Island Resort
Where Fort Siloso is - and a lot of other places of interest.

The Changi Murals
A series of Murals painted by Bombardier Stanley Warren, RA, when he was a POW at Changi during 1942/43.

Kranji War and Military Cemetery
The price of War as seen in the 4,700 plus burials from WW2.
The Military Cemetery - Military and their family Graves. The price of War in Peace: Malayan Emergency and 'Confrontation'.

The Air Despatch Association of Great Britain
The Home for former Air Despatch Personnel of the British Army.

The Museum of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

FEPOW Community
The Far East Prisoner of War Community. Many still suffer.

The British Army
Still the best by far. Under-equipped, far smaller than it should be, and well over stretched. A smell beneath politician’ noses.

The Garrison
A living history group who portray predominantly a re-creation of the ‘Gunners’, both male and female from the Second World War.

Street Directory
A first class street map for Singapore.

The Malta Heritage Trust
Another country with a lot of coast artillery heritage.