CASL at Pulau Sejahat. 2005 photo

It is standard military practice to give locations code names, and in Singapore it was no different. I’ve found the following list for fixed defences, but there will have been others for RAF, Naval and other locations.

H.Q., F.D. ART
F.C. Faber FABER
F.P.R. Faber GEESE
F.O.P. Tanjong Gul GUL
F.O.P. Panjang JANG
F.O.P. Faber BERT
Pasir Laba Battery LABA
Labrador Battery DOR
Siloso Battery SILO
Serapong Battery SPUR
Silingsing Battery SING
Connaught Battery CONN
Buona Vista Battery VIS
Buona Vista B.O.P. BONE
Buona Vista B.O.P. (Mount Faber) BOFA
F.C. Changi CHAN
F.P.R. Changi FOX
F.O.P. Changi GIN
F.O.P. Powder (Bedok) POW
F.O.P. Pengerang PEN
Beting Kusah Battery KUSA
Changi Battery RAT
Sphinx Battery (C.B. B.O.P.) SPHINX
Sphinx Battery (Cl. Def. B.O.P.)    SPHINX NIGHT   
Tekong Battery TEAK
   Pengerang B.O.P.(For Tekong Battery) ANG
Pengerang Battery TIGER
Johore Battery JO
H.M.S. Terror (15 Inch Monitor) TERROR
Pulau Sejahat SARGE
Ladang LAD
Calder Harbour CAWLD
Changi Outer OUTER
Changi Inner INNER
Ubin UBE

Hoist shaft
Ammunition Hoist Shaft. Labrador Battery No.1 gun
Modified from the Shell Hoist of the Pasir Panjang No.1 9·2 Inch Gun

Batteries & Defences