Passeir Panjang Mark IV 9·2 Inch Battery

Gun Emplacement
The No.2 9·2 Inch Gun Emplacement ammunition recesses in the face of the emplacement
The louvred covering hides an Ammunition Hoist. There is one on each side of the emplacement

Gun emplacement
LEFT: The forward facing Apron of the emplacement
RIGHT: The gun emplacement from the Apron

Range finder & height
LEFT: A height marker (in feet) at the No.2 Emplacement.
RIGHT: The Range finding position. A Depression Range Finder will have been installed here


LEFT & RIGHT: The Casemates. On the left as they should be, and on the right as they are today. Damage from Japanese shelling of 13 February 1944 is visible in the left-hand photo.

Only the Casemates, the No.2 Gun Emplacement and the Range Finding Station remain on the surface today.

Both underground Magazines also remain, but are not accessible by the public. The No.2 Magazine is in good condition, but the No.1 displays the damage caused when it was spiked by the British on 13 February 1942.

The Casemates & Magazines

Other photos of the Casemates and No.1 Magazine are in the Labrador Battery pages.

Plan of both magazines
The Casemates & Magazines

Batteries & Defences