Labrador Battery. What’s Left Today?

The remains of the emplacements
All that’s left of the Gun Emplacements

Google Street View of the Casemates

Oil storeEngine Room
ABOVE LEFT: The Oil Store. Supports for the oil tank are in the centre.
>ABOVE RIGHT: The exterior wall of the Power Room.

Engine RoomPassageway
ABOVE LEFT: the Engine Room Concrete beds for the generators are on the floor.
ABOVE RIGHT: The entrance to the passageway leading to the Magazine.

Magazine Plan
A Plan of the Magazine

Passage to the MagazineStore room
ABOVE LEFT: Inside the passageway.
ABOVE RIGHT: Simulated damage in a Magazine Store Room.

Lantern RecessShell Store
ABOVE LEFT: A Lantern Recess. Evidence of the spiking of the Magazine is visible.
ABOVE RIGHT: probably the Shell Store. A steel safety cage was erected to prevent collapse.

Ammunition Hatch
LEFT: An Ammunition Hatch from the 9·2 Inch era at one of the Ammunition Hoists
CENTRE: The wrecked No.2 Ammunition Hoist
RIGHT: Evidence of the Spiking in the Magazine

The Magazine was damaged beyond repair when demolition charges were set off on 13 February 1942. Much clearing up and safety work was required before the Magazines were opened to the public in 2005. Unfortunately, it is currently closed to the public.

Labrador Battery

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