The 1896 plan would again improve the armament of Fort Siloso. Two 6 Inch Quick Firing (QF) Guns would be mounted in a new emplacement on Mount Siloso, and two 12 Pounder QF Guns emplaced overlooking Keppel Harbour. All the 7 Inch RML Guns would be withdrawn from service. The 6-Inch Guns were far more powerful and had a much higher rate of fire than the 7 Inch RML and 64 Pounder RML Guns with which the Fort entered service in 1879.

6 Inch QF Emplacement

Gun emplacement
6 Inch QF Gun Emplacement

The layout of the Emplacement as seen today differs to the original plan. The original plan did not show the inland Cartridge Store, and the gun platforms were built to a different design, with a ‘well’ in the centre of the platform, in which the gun mountings were installed. QF guns were normally mounted on a flat platform. The Magazine was designed to store 600 shells and 600 propellant cartridges. Shells would be hoisted to the rear of the guns on an angled Ladder Lift, and cartridges to the side of the gun well by a vertical Band Lift.

12 Pounder QF Emplacement

12 Pounder emplacement The 12 Pounder QF Gun was much more suited to harbour defence than the 7 Inch RML Guns. It had a very high rate of fire, a superior sighting system, and more suitable ammunition.

The guns would be emplaced in the No.1 7 Inch RML Emplacement which would be greatly modified to accept them. The No.2 7 Inch Emplacement was abandoned. Today, there are two 64 Pounder RML Guns displayed on the emplacement. The carriages these guns are mounted on are not the type used in Singapore.

Battery Command Post

As part of the update, a new Battery Command Post was built to the west of the 6 Inch QF Emplacement. The Post would house a Depression Range Finder, a Chart Room, and a Telephone Room. The Observation Post which had served the 7 Inch RML Guns and the 9·2 Inch BL Gun would be demolished as it was in the way of the new emplacement.

Drawing of the Command Post
The Battery Command Post

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