There are six Mark III 64 Pounders of 64 Cwt on display at the fort. Five of these were brought to the Fort from Pearl’s Hill Police Headquarters in 1974.

On Blakang Mati, 64 Pounders were emplaced at Fort Siloso and at Fort Blakang Mati East (later renamed Fort Connaught) on the eastern side of the island. On Singapore Island, 64 Pounders were emplaced at Fort Fullerton and Mount Palmer. Two more were at Fort Teregah on Pulau Brani.

64 pounder
An incorrectly mounted 64 Pounder near the Guardroom

Mounted 64 pounder64 pounders
LEFT: How the guns near the guardroom should be mounted
RIGHT: Three 64 Pounders on display

64 Pounders64 pounder
The 64 Pounder found buried at the fort before and after cleaning up

Further details of the Mark III 64 Pounder of 64 Cwt can be found in the section ‘The Guns of Siloso’

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