7 Inch RML Guns of 6½ Tons were emplaced at Fort Blakang Mati East and Fort Siloso on Blakang Mati, and at and Fort Tanjong Katong and Fort Pasir Panjang on Singapore Island.

7 inch Guns7 inch Guns
Two 7-Inch RML gun barrels photographed in 1993.

The old monorail station, now the Surrender Chamber, is in the background in the left photo, and the track in the right. The original 7-Inch RML emplacements were on either side of the station. There was an accommodation building on this location pre-war. Post war the area was the tented cookhouse.

7 Inch RML GunReplica Gun
The Replica Gun on Mount Siloso

Further details of the Mark I 7 Inch RML Gun of 6 Tons can be found in the section ‘The Guns of Siloso’

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