Gun Barrels
Two Mark IV 9·2 Inch Gun barrels with a Mark VII 8 Inch Barrel between them

TrunnionBreech end

LEFT: The right Trunnion of one of the guns. Discern able are the calibre of 9·2 Inches and the weight of 23 Tons (23369 kg).

RIGHT: The Breech of one of the guns.

The 9ยท2-Inch (22.37 Cm) BL (breech loading) Gun was designed during the late 19th Century by the British in order to counter the German 24cm Gun made by Krupp of Essen. It was first used as a naval gun before being adopted for coast defence batteries in 1890s and early 1900s.

During the late 1800s and the early 1900s there were five Mark IV 9·2-Inch BL Guns in Singapore. On Blakang Mati, Fort Connaught was armed with two and Fort Siloso had one. Nearby on Singapore Island, Fort Pasir Panjang had two more.

The two barrels at Fort Siloso were found buried near the Woolwich Loop on Blakang Mati.

More details of the Mark IV 9·2 Inch BL Gun can be found in the section ‘The Guns of Siloso’.

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