64 Pounder Gun Emplacement

Plan of  the gun location Drawing of the gun
A Plan of the Emplacement & a Diagram of a 64 Pounder Gun of 64 Cwt

Two 64 Pounder RML Guns of 64 Cwt formed part of the Fort’s initial armament. As with the 7 Inch RML Guns they were naval in origin. They were mounted behind a parapet in an emplacement to the seaward side of the Casemates. An underground magazine was close by. Unfortunately, I do not have detailed plans of the emplacement.

The 64 Pounder RML Guns were mounted on Carriages as in the illustration above right. The two 64 Pounder RML Guns near the Guardroom are not on the types of mounting used in Singapore.

Very little remains of the 64 Pounder Gun Emplacement. The area which held the No.2 Gun was said to be destroyed during expansion of the fort, and what is left is hidden in the bush seaward of the Casemates.

Remains of the 64 Pounder Emplacement
Captioned as being the remains of the 64 Pounder RML Gun Emplacement
Remains of the 64 Pounder Emplacement

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