6 Inch QF Emplacement Magazine

Enrance stairsThe doorway
The Entrance stairs and fitting slots for the original steel door

Plan of the Magazine
The Magazine

The Magazine as seen today differs from the early plans. The plans do not show the third Cartridge Store shown at the bottom of the plan. It is probable that this Store was added when the magazine was constructed. There would be no need of it, or the expense of building it, when the guns were moved and the emplacement abandoned. The Magazine served as a storage facility until the disbandment of coast artillery in 1956.

The Shell StoreAn oil lamp in a recess

The entrance from the surface is on the right of the photo. Glass fronted Lantern Recesses can be seen on the right-hand wall. In the days before electric lamps, oil lanterns were lit and placed in these recesses, and the glass doors were closed (right). As can be imagined the magazine was somewhat dimly lit in those days.

The walls projecting from the left-hand wall form the entrance to Cartridge Stores. Shells were stored on the floor on each side of the entance. At the far end of the Magazine is the Ladder Lift for raising shells to the No.1 Gun.

Section of Magazine
A Section running the length of the Magazine

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