Mount Siloso 7-Inch RML Gun

The gun emplacementThe replica 7 Inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Gun mounted in this emplacement is a good replica. It is as a real one would have been in the 1880s, on a Garrison Sliding Carriage.

In 1891, it was reported that, at this emplacement, the Cartridge Store had a capacity of 80 propellant cartridges, and the Shell Store had a capacity of 42 shells. The report continued on to say that taking the side arm store into the shell store and removing the party wall would increase shell storage by an additional 49 shells.

The 4th 7 Inch Gun Emplacement, later built close by, had storage for 220 propellant cartridges and 156 shells. About this was written, “This is 24 short of the complement but may be considered sufficient as in wartime a proportion should be permanently retained in recesses or the terreplein”. A terreplein is a flat platform situated behind a parapet on which guns are mounted.

The area to the right of the Emplacement was expanded to create an Artillery Store at the time the 6 Inch QF Battery was built.

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The 7 Inch RML Guns of 6½ Tons were not highly regarded as they lacked the penetrating power and range required to engage enemy ships. On 9th June 1886 for example, Minutes on Departmental Papers of the Colonial Defence Committee noted: “With respect to the other points raised, it is to be observed that the W.O. authorities are quite well aware of the want of power of the 7-inch 6½ ton gun....”.

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