Battery Observation Post

the B.O.P.
Fort Connaught Battery Observation Post

Built in the 1930s for the up-rated 3 Gun Fort Connaught. It is thought that the B.O.P. was operational by 1936 with the old Mount Serapong Battery 9·2 Inch Emplacements being filled in during the construction period. The B.O.P. for the Serapong Battery still exists. It is located behind Fort Connaught’s, and was in use until the 1960s.

The visibility from the lower level covers the best field of view. That with the instrument mountings makes it the probable Battery Observation Post. The upper level, I think, may have been the P.W.S.S. (Port War Signal Station) for Keppel Harbour. Alternatively, that may have been at Faber Fire Command.

The B.O.P. During the 2006 Archaeological Survey of Mount Serapong

The tarpaulin in the photo is covering part of the newly uncovered passage that led to the No.1 9·2 Inch BL Gun of the Mount Serapong Battery. Both Gun Emplacements were excavated. Prior to the survey, there was still evidence of the bombing of the area around the B.O.P.

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