Battery Observation Post No.2 (Possibly)

This tower does not appear in any archive that I've seen concerning Fort Connaught, or Singapore defences. So, in that respect it remains a bit of a mystery. However, its location makes a good case for it to be the No.2 B.O.P. for Fort Connaught. It is known that there were two B.O.P.s for Singapore’s other 9·2 Inch Battery on Pulau Tekong. If anyone can help resolve this mystery, please contact me.

The Tower
The Post during construction of the Tanjong Golf Course

Beside the Post is the No.3 Gun Magazine and Emplacement. The concrete shell around the Magazine was called a ‘Burster’, underneath which was a layer of sand, and then the Magazine itself. Demolishing it would not have been cheap, so perhaps the decision was made to replace moved earth. Period photos show only one tower at Fort Connaught, so this must be the one.

The tower
Looming through the shrubbery

Batteries & Defencess