9·2 Inch and 6 Inch Gun Emplacements

Aerial viewFour types of gun were been emplaced in this location; a Mark IV 9·2 Inch BL Gun, two Mark II 6 Inch QF Guns, two Mark VII 6 Inch BL Guns, and two Mark 24 6 Inch BL Guns. Only the Mark VII 6 Inch BL Guns saw active service.

The Mark IV 9·2 Inch Gun was on a Mark I Mounting. It was in place from about 1890 to around 1908. The location of the gun was in the centre of the Emplacement as seen today. A Magazine for 100 rounds was underground below and behind the gun. Ammunition was raised by two hoists, one at each end of the Emplacement.

 In around 1908, work commenced to demolish the Emplacement and rebuild it for two 6 Inch QF Guns. These were the guns on Mount Siloso. It had been decided to move them so that their arc of fire better covered the western approaches to the harbour. Significant alterations were made to the Magazine below ground to prepare it for the two 6 Inch QF Guns. The Magazine was extended two new ammunition hoists were installed, one for each gun. A second entrance was created by the No.2 (left-hand) Gun.

During the 1930s, the guns were replaced by Mark VII 6-inch BL guns. Although better than the QF Guns, they were old and out of date. The Emplacements had to be modified for these more powerful guns, and the Magazine underwent some modification. For the first time, they had electric lighting installed, improving conditions for the men working there. In addition, a small shelter was constructed behind and between the guns.

In 1950, the Mark VII BL Guns were replaced by more modern, but still old Mark 24s, resulting in more minor modifications to the Emplacement and Magazine. The Magazine and Emplacements as seen today are as they were in 1956, when British Coast Artillery was disbanded.

The Shelter
The Shelter between the guns in 1995

The Emplacement on Google Street View

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