9·2 Inch and 6 Inch Gun Emplacements — Above Ground

The emplacement from the front
The Emplacement. A sun shade over the location of the No.2 Gun is on the right

Gun with a shadeI have no evidence of shades being fitted over the guns at Fort Siloso pre war. Photos I have do not show them. In 1939 a concrete splinter cover was constructed over the guns. That would not allow shades to be used. There is evidence of shades over the 1950s Mark 24 Guns.

The Photo on the left shows a shade over a Mark VII 6 Inch Gun with a Mark I Shield. Supports for the shade are fixed to the gun shield so that supports do not get in the way when the gun traverses. The camouflage net would be rolled up when the gun was in action. This gun was at The Point Grey Battery, Vancouver, Canada.

There is nothing to see of the 9·2 Inch Emplacement except for the Magazine entrance ramp. Likewise there is little evidence of the 6 Inch QF Emplacement. What is seen today is relevant to the Mark VII and Mark 24 6 Inch BL Emplacements. To accommodate the Mark 24s in 1950, modifications had to be made to the gun wells.

No.2 Emplacement
The No.2 Emplacement in 1946.
The Splinter Cover is still in place and damage from 1942 demolitions is evident

Mannequins by a gunMannequins by a gun
Representation of a gun crew

The replica Mark VII 6 Inch BL Gun with a Mark IV shield represents the guns that Fort Siloso went to war with. Whilst the size is correct, the accuracy of the replica leaves something to be desired. Much has not been reproduced. The replica 7 Inch RML Gun on Mount Siloso is far superior.